Certified MBA | Grad School | University Career Coach Program

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certified-mba-career-coach_printThe Coaching Program

30-hour program: teleseminar/webinar format at starting times throughout the year (on-site training available)

Vision & Goals: To support MBA career services professionals in using a coach-approach so that students. . .

  • prioritize their career in the midst of challenging academic schedules, “own” their success, and embrace challenges or setbacks as opportunities to grow and thrive
  • pursue career goals that are in sync with their strengths, passions, purpose, and values
  • take action to expand their professional connections, be of value to their networks, and gain experiences that will increase their value and marketability

The Challenge: Career Services Offices face the challenge of helping students leverage their academics into real-world employment. Student satisfaction scores, placement rates, and salary offers all factor in to measure success. Although students are typically motivated and want great opportunities as a result of their degrees, career coaches often encounter a number of challenging scenarios:

  • Students who need to “own” their job-search to a greater degree instead of expecting career services to “hand them a job”
  • Students who under-prioritize their job search due to academic demands, until it’s often too late to go for their ideal situations
  • Students who network “transactionally” vs. “relationally,” or “quantitatively” instead of “qualitatively”
  • Students who struggle with getting clear on their career/job target, or those who have a clear target yet will face major competition due to their marketability
  • Students who are “double switchers” (switching functional positions and industry targets) and can’t persuasively communicate their candidacy
  • And more!

ACSTHICF Approval: This 30-hour program of Core Competency Training is the only of its kind approved by the International Coach Federation (ICF) as a part of our Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP), Cluster Or Individual Training. Note: This program is approved by ICF under the names “Certified MBA Career Coach”; “Certified University Career Coach”; or “Certified Graduate School Career Coach”; one designation will be granted based on the types of students you work with most.

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You will be equipped to:

  • Shift students from career confusion to clarity, confidence, and commitment … fast!
  • Help students get past hesitations, worries, or procrastination
  • Address expectations and engage students to “own” their success
  • Say the “hard things” to students so they receive it and take action
  • Begin to master brain-based coaching and languaging techniques
  • Build trust and rapport with students to facilitate honest communication and trust relationships
  • Help career-changers bridge the “lack of experience” or “no network” gap and more!

The program outline:

Meet for 12 weeks for group webinar sessions with 6 additional hours of audio archives followed by five individual one-one-one mentor coaching sessions for accelerated success. Weekly topics include:

  • Coaching vs. Consulting & ICF Core Coaching Competencies
  • Fail-Safe Structure of a Coaching Call
  • Career Reconnaissance
  • Coaching Career Decisions I & II
  • Reasons & Remedies for Hesitations
  • Coaching Career Switchers
  • Coaching Career Enhancers
  • Networking/Informational Interviewing
  • Momentum Building
  • Mindset, Resistance & Common Derailers
  • Coaching International Students

Philosophy of Coaching

The Academies’ philosophy of coaching has its roots in positive psychology—exploring the strengths and virtues that enable people to thrive. The “pursuit of happiness” is a Western concept originating from the Declaration of Independence, but we believe it applies to human beings from Boston to Beijing, and San Francisco to the Sinai. All individuals have the ability to thrive. They just need a compelling vision, insights on how to do things efficiently, strategies to execute, and accountability to stay on course.

Requirements for Entering Program

Appropriate for career coaches working in university career services offices, with a background in career development, recruiting, business, or industry.

Policies on Payment of Tuition & Fees, Withdrawals & Refunds

Payment is due with registration. Transfer Option: Should you want to retake the course, with a starting date within 12 months of the original starting date (subject to space availability) – a $100 administrative fee applies and an additional charge equal to the difference in price if the program has increased in investment.

Withdrawal Option: Receive a refund equal to 90% of tuition paid when withdrawing before class 3 (note that upon notifying us of withdrawal, you must delete the program handouts website page and any files you may have had access to download). The difference covers processing charges and administration time and is non-negotiable. If making monthly payments that need to be discontinued, you must notify us at least 72 hours in advance of the scheduled payment to discontinue payments in order for sufficient time to alert the credit card processing company. No refund available after class 3.

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Contact Rachel at (559) 547-8200 or rachel@theacademies.com for more information and additional pricing options if you are registering two or more participants.

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