Susan Britton

Founder and President

Expert in leadership agility and career IQ; author of seven books with McGraw Hill and EMC; founder of conferences and Thought Leader Forums—Susan’s spunk and insights make her a transformational mentor to business leaders worldwide.

Her 20-year career in coaching includes several hundred hours of coach-specific training. Earning her first ICF coaching credential in 2007, she currently holds a PCC designation with International Coach Federation, as well as a Master NeuroPositive Coach credential from the Applied Neuroscience Institute (2014), and a certificate in Peak Performance Coaching from the Flow Genome Project in (2020).

She has been stretched, encouraged, and influenced by respected thought leaders and mentors over the years—Patrick Williams, Judy Santos, Christopher McCluskey and Lynn Meinke while studying at Institute for Life Coach Training; Tony Pottle, formerly of NeuroLeadership Institute; Donald Johnson and William Larkin of Applied Neuroscience Institute; Julie Colwell of Evolutionary Power Institute; Jamie Wheal of Flow Genome Project.

Her passion for neuroscience permeates all, which led to her popular Red Zone | Blue Zone model. When in the Red Zone of fight-flight, we are compromised cognitively and relationally. When in the Blue Zone of calm-connect, we tap the mental-physical states necessary for flow and peak performance. As a trainer of coaches, she’s written hundreds of pages of coaching curriculum and delivered more than 5,000 hours of ICF-approved training. She knows what she’s doing, yet readily admits to not having all the answers. (None of us do!)

Previously, she was the Executive Director of Career Masters Institute, and also served for approximately seven years co-hosting the ICF Career Coaching Community of Practice. Prior to coaching, she worked in clinical mental health settings as a Music Therapist, applying her degree in Music Therapy from the University of the Pacific’s Conservatory of Music.

Her continued commitment: to share the coach-approach worldwide, changing work cultures from stress-packed and toxic to humane and inclusive. To that end, she loves spending her days working alongside courageous leaders and coaches who have the guts to try to get out of their own way, learn something new, experience life more consciously, and make a difference in the world.

James Beeman

Academies Coaching Instructor

As a leadership coach and trainer, James has 15+ years of experience in training, mentoring, advising, consulting, and coaching clients ranging from undergrad and graduate students to senior leaders at Fortune 500s who are looking to make a significant shift in their life and career. James earned a Bachelor of Arts in Music with an emphasis in piano performance and theory, a Master of Arts in Management and Leadership with a 4.0, and holds the Professional Coach Certification (PCC) from the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

James began his career teaching music theory at the college level before shifting to advising, consulting, and coaching as an academic coach with an accelerated distance learning program located in San Antonio, TX. 

His leadership skills caught the eye of the executive team and he was rapidly promoted from an individual contributor to directing the team that managed 100 coaches who served around the world.

In early 2015 James made the leap from employee to entrepreneur and founded his own coaching company. He initially worked with young professionals, but quickly attracted the attention of executives and other leaders online who wanted support in transitioning to new roles or wanted to improve their ability to influence and lead the teams at their current place of employment.

Further, James volunteered for several years on the board of the International Coaching Federation San Antonio (ICFSA) as the President and was instrumental in rebuilding the chapter and partnering with the Association of Talent Development of San Antonio (ATDSA) and the San Antonio Human Resources Management Association (SAHRMA) to co-create signature events that delivered tremendous value to the chapter members and the community at large.

Currently, James is an adjunct coach trainer for The Academies, a registered mentor coach with ICF, and coaches leaders around the world who want to have more fun, flow, and fulfillment in their lives. He has completed extensive training, coaching, and mentoring under the direction of Dr. William Larkin (Harvard) and Dr. Donald Johnson (Yale) of the Applied Neuroscience Institute and often incorporates neuroscience research, positive psychology literature, and strengths theories into the inside-out work he does with clients who are in transition.

James resides in small-town North Carolina and is the proud dad of two kids (Clark and Charlotte) and one Siamese (Bella). James has aspirations to complete a PhD in Organizational Leadership, become a published author, and contribute meaningfully to the pursuit of happiness for millions of souls around the world.

Stacy Duhon

Academies Coaching Instructor

Stacy is a leadership and career coach on a quest to support professionals to listen to the whisper within, own their power, and take action on their dreams so they can have a meaningful and fulfilled life. Whether clients seek to find their purpose, move in the direction of their passion, switch careers, have more work/life balance or simply want to feel more confident and comfortable in their own skin, working with Stacy they will gain the clarity they desire, the direction and guidance they want, the accountability they need and the encouragement that will have them take inspired action. She is a coach for Purpose, Inspiration, and Impact.

She is an expert at working with clients who, as she says, are ready to Listen to the Whisper – those who are ready to listen to that voice within that is speaking to them and telling them, rather begging

them, to go after what they want – begging them to not settle on a life that is less than what they are here on the planet to live. Her coaching style is striking in its wisdom, clarity, and directness, balanced by an unmistakable Cajun radiance and charm provided by her Southwest Louisiana upbringing. She dances effortlessly between softness, warmth, and power, guiding her clients with a firm but gentle hand.

Stacy walks her own talk. In 2008, after 17 years in management, she left her successful biotechnology career to pursue her passion of being a professional coach. She was scared to leave her secure, lucrative, and enjoyable career but, at some point, she felt she was dying inside. She was filled with dread knowing that she was settling on life and there came a point when she could no longer ignore the whisper. She faced her fears, acted in the face of people telling her it was not practical and went after her dream.

Stacy now has her own coaching practice, is a coach trainer for The Academies and a registered mentor coach with the ICF.  She also coaches MBA students for the University of Washington, Foster School of Business.

She holds masters degrees in both statistics (from SMU) and coaching and consulting (from Leadership Institute of Seattle at Bastyr University). She is a graduate and affiliate of the rigorous and acclaimed, International Coach Federation-accredited coach training program, “Accomplishment Coaching” and served as a team lead/mentor coach for them for several years. She holds a PCC designation with the ICF.

Rebecca Potts

Client Services Manager

At the end of 2016, Rebecca gave her notice at her corporate HR job and prepared to move across the country from Pennsylvania to California.  She was excited to leave and find something that fit her background of Psychology and Criminology a bit more, but then a twist happened – her corporate HR job offered for her to keep the position despite relocating.  Facing the prospect of moving across the country with no other job offers, she reluctantly accepted.  

Six months after she moved, she found herself completely burned out.  She stumbled on a job posting for the Academies and despite not knowing what coaching was, she excitedly applied.  Years later, that leap of faith turned out to be the best decision she could have made. 

In addition to her role at the Academies, Rebecca is a singer, actress, wife, and cat & chicken mom.  Having worked everywhere from prison to Disneyworld, she has a diverse background that has given her a passion for kindness, advocacy, and human rights.  

Rebecca oversees the many details of our ongoing classes, tracking student enrollment, assisting students and faculty with everything they need for our programs to run flawlessly – including answering questions regarding upcoming/current classes, and other administrative activities. She also assists with marketing materials and social media. Meeting the needs of our students is her number one priority! Rebecca can be contacted at or 559.547.8200.