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Translating neuroscience findings into easy-to-implement coaching techniques is our passion. When you marry coaching techniques with mind-body biology, you have a much better chance of supporting your clients to make lasting change (they’ll thank you for it)!

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Our Certification Programs

Our certification programs are intentionally structured to extend over several months’ time. That’s because new skills cannot be mastered in a weekend format, nor can coaching be mastered entirely by embarking on self-directed study or reading books.

To learn effectively, the brain needs good “P.R.”
Positivity and Routinization:

We make learning fun (you'll remember more)

We pride ourselves on creating psychologically safe learning environments (you'll feel confident to take more risks)

We create opportunities to practice coaching over time (you'll build "muscle memory" that lasts)

Our Courses

We offer all neuroscience-based programming; courses in career, leadership and strengths.

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Red Zone  |  Blue Zone

What state of mind are you living in?


Threat Protect State


* Cortisol and adrenalin (stress hormones) spike
* Blood flow siphoned from brain and sent to arms/legs
* Mental resources (creativity, strategy) drained
* Thinking becomes narrow, rigid, black-and-white
* Immune, digestive, reproductive systems cannabilized/depleted
* Resiliency derailed
* Optimism disappears


Safety Create State

Flow-Flourish, Peace-Possibility
Calm-Connect, Create-Confident

* “Happy” neurochemicals (dopamine, serotonin) flow
* Blood flow to “smart” brain increases
* Problem-solving, ideation, and learning increases
* Social engagement and trust increases
* Cardiovascular health/immune system improve
* Resiliency and ability to take action increases
* Sense of identity/goal-orientation increase