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What Our Clients Say


I highly recommend the CELDC program to coaches aspiring to obtain an ICF credential, individuals preparing to take on coaching responsibilities inside an organizations, and leaders who want to take a coach-approach when interacting with their team(s). During the duration of the course, I was pleased with how many leadership specific tools/models/assessments are made available. Additionally, the course is designed in a way that allows you to practice what you learn so that you experience growth as both a coach and leader. For me, this course was a learning experience that really stretched my thinking , expanded my competency set, and resulted in transformation.

— Jennifer J., CELDC

If I had been coached on Strengths at 25, it would have changed the trajectory of my entire career. Knowing and working to your strengths is a GAME CHANGER. It’s never too late to learn about your strengths and be able to help others do the same.

— Janet C., ACSC

There is so much intention built into the learning approach. We would learn a concept with our heads, and then practice the skills to experience them for ourselves (as a client would experience them with good coaching). Such a powerful learning approach. I have grown so much personally and professionally through this program. Thank you James, Barbara and Susan! You are amazing people, facilitators and coaches!

— Julia S., CCMC

I couldn’t recommend the multi-faceted teaching/learning approach more highly. I’ve super charged my coaching approach. The combination of [online] assignments, videos, readings, in-class teaching, dialogue, coaching, buddy and mentor coaching are brilliant. I’ve strengthened all aspects of my coaching.

— Maria K., CELDC

This training has given me many tools to use to help people to realize and leverage strengths as well as a wealth of info related to mindfulness and the importance of having a positive mindset.

— Darius H., ACSC

The experience overall was phenomenal. The training materials/resources provided are relevant and professional. These resources will serve to support the work I do with clients going forward. The instructors and support staff are personable, knowledgeable, and proved to experts in their field. The opportunity to partner closely with a fellow classmate throughout the course facilitated both a long-lasting relationship and enhanced my learning. After completing this course, I feel energized and confident in my abilities to serve the career management needs of a wide-ranging client base.

— Jennifer J., CCMC

I recently completed…my 5th program with The Academies and it was up to its usual quality with rich content, practice coaching and community building. The added format of the [online] learning platform was a wonderful addition…I learned so much and this program has reinvigorated my love for coaching. And now I have new tools and strategies. Thank you Academies. You never disappoint!

— Sandy D., CCMC

My role in my organization has evolved and so I wanted to get some formal training for operating fully within the Coaching guidelines. I expected to receive additional tools and methodologies to ensure my Clients were getting the best offering and coaching experience. What I got was so much more. Susan, Stacy and the entire class of brilliant [coaches], allowed me to feel safe and to grow in so many ways. I am twice blessed through this experience and looking forward to continuing my Coaching education here! 

– Cam W., CELDC

The brain-friendly techniques have helped me connect my head-heart-soul so I leverage more fully the power that resides within me to be the best coach I can be.

— Nancy L., ACSC