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[Susan] is truly gifted in [her] encouraging, optimistic and caring approach in working with others. I appreciate all that [she has] given of [herself] to my class and growth as a career coach. It has been great working with [her]. It is evident [she has] put [herself] into all that makes up the Academy. I am amazed at the comprehensiveness of the program from start to finish.

– Kathy J. Susman, MA, MPA, CCMC


Beverly [has] got a real knack for getting people involved and doing it in ways that makes them feel safe. Nothing reinforces the printed word, or the well-thought out exercises, better than actually “doing” some of these tasks. [She] also has a gift for what I call “community based reinforced learning.” In much less pretentious terms, that just means [she’s] helping people learn from one another. That pays big dividends. First, it makes learning more comprehensive. Second, it gives [the] course even more depth and currency because our group shares from so many different backgrounds and have such different practices. Third, it’s building [this] brand as a welcoming, supportive course.

– Don Orlando, MBA, CPRW, JCTC, CCM, CCMC


[The Academies’ Team] made me SOOOO happy today! I just received my Serious Revenue training manual from a friendly courier. I can’t believe how quickly it arrived! I have already listened to call number one and done all the thinking and writing exercises. Keen to get onto call two!

I wanted to make sure you know what exemplary customer service [they] provide, and how much I appreciate it. It’s all service with a smile, and so effective, speedy and reliable. If I could vote for The Academies for a customer service award, I’d be the first to do so!!

— Ruth Winden
International Career Management Consultant
Careers Enhanced Ltd
Great Britain


An amazing class. I feel completely prepared to start my career coaching business. Susan taught me in 15 weeks what it would have taken years to learn on my own. I can’t believe how many forms I have and how willing Susan is to share her years of experience. What a breath of fresh air in this dog-eat-dog world.

– Laura G. Black, Career Coach

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