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Becoming a certified coach is an incredibly rewarding experience. It requires dedication, tenacity, passion, compassion, and drive to succeed. We recognize all you’re bringing to this process, and we want you to find a program that FITS YOU and gives you a meaningful return on your investment of time, resources, and commitment.

The Academies offers two levels of coaching programs that provide unique benefits to help simplify and streamline the process for coaches pursuing their Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential or Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credential through the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Today, we’re exploring the key advantages of our neuroscience-based coach certification programs, but before we dive into the benefits, let’s highlight some of the key offerings and takeaways from each program.

Our Level 1 & 2 ICF-Approved Coaching Programs:

What You Need to Know


Both our Level 1 and Level 2 programs include a robust curriculum spanning ICF core competencies and PCC Markers, and the latest neuroscience research, along with a wide range of coaching tools and client scenarios.

ICF-Approved Level 1 Coaching Program

The Academies Level 1 Program provides ICF-accredited coaching education designed to help you earn your ACC credential with the ICF.

An outline of The Academies Level 1 Coaching Program

What’s Included in Our Level 1 Coaching Program?

  • We provide two 33.5-hour courses for a total of 67 hours of coach training, plus 10 hours of mentor coaching.
  • You can choose from three different pathways: Leadership, Career, and Foundations.
    • The Leadership Pathway provides the skills necessary to be successful in coaching leaders and executives, while the Career Pathway focuses on helping clients navigate career transitions between jobs or industries. 
    • The Foundations Pathway combines leadership coaching and career coaching for a more comprehensive experience.
  • Mentor coaching includes 7 group sessions and 3 individual sessions.
  • Upon completion of the required training and mentor coaching hours to qualify for your ACC, you will earn two respective certifications within your chosen pathway.
  • A Performance Evaluation caps off the Level 1 program, saving time and expense down the road in the credential application process with ICF.
Once The Academies issues you your Level 1 certification, you can then submit it to the ICF, log and verify a minimum of 100 hours of client coaching, and complete the ICF’s multiple-choice “Coach Knowledge Assessment” exam to earn an ACC credential.

ICF-Approved Level 2 Coaching Program

The Academies Level 2 Coaching Program provides ICF-accredited coaching education designed for coaches who wish to obtain the training and mentor coaching hours needed to qualify for an ACC or PCC credential with the ICF.

Overview of The Academies Level 2 ICF Coach Certification Program

What’s included in our Level 2 Coaching Program?


Once The Academies issues you your Level 2 certificate, you can then submit it to the ICF. With the Level 2 certificate, you can apply for either the ACC credential or the PCC credential, depending on the total number of client coaching hours you have accumulated. If you have 500 client coaching hours, you can apply for the PCC credential with your Level 2 certificate. If you have 100-499 hours of client coaching time, you can apply for the ACC credential. (Note: if you have 500 client coaching hours, you do not need to first apply for an ACC credential; you can go directly to applying for the PCC credential.) ICF will then allow you to complete its multiple-choice “Coach Knowledge Assessment” exam to earn your desired credential.

Whether you’re new to coaching or have many years of experience under your belt, our programs can benefit coaches at any stage in their personal and professional growth journey. If you’d like to learn more about each program, schedule an exploratory, no-pressure call with an ICF-credentialed member of our team to explore your curiosities, questions, and concerns.

In the meantime, let’s explore some of the many benefits you’ll enjoy by participating in our coaching programs.

Benefits of Our Coach Certification Programs

Achieving an ICF-accredited coaching certification can open the door to success and help advance a coaching career. That’s why at The Academies, we offer rigorous, brain-friendly certifications that provide coaches with the knowledge, guidance, skills, and strategies they need to empower themselves and their clients on their path toward successful outcomes.

Our comprehensive, neuroscience-based training programs focus on collaboration, communication, critical thinking, psychological safety, and leadership development — all hallmarks of effective coaching. With our certification programs, coaches can tap into their wisdom, strengths, and values to develop a stronger base of experience, knowledge, and confidence to grow as professionals, while simultaneously developing trust with those they’re coaching using evidence-based methods. Participants find that successful completion of our Level 1 or Level 2 Programs results in both personal satisfaction and recognition from peers as accredited coaches.

Enjoy a Simple, Streamlined Roadmap

Our goal is to eliminate the stress, guesswork, and frustration of determining which of several pathways you need to qualify for an ICF credential. We’ve designed each program to align perfectly with the ICF accreditation requirements depending on which path you choose in your coaching journey. Whether you’re working toward an ACC or a PCC, you can rest assured, knowing we have planned an efficient roadmap to help get you there.

Reduced Wait Time to Get Your ICF Credential

As mentioned above, upon completion of The Academies’ Level 1 or 2 Programs, the next step is for you to submit your ACC or PCC application to ICF for their application review process and to become eligible to take the ICF’s “Coach Knowledge Assessment” exam (the final step in your ICF credentialing journey).

One major benefit of participating in our Level 1 or 2 Programs is that we’re able to expedite the application review process by providing you with all the training, mentoring, and performance evaluation requirements necessary to apply. This knocks off months of wait time to receive your ICF credential once you submit your application to the ICF. Bottom line: with our Level 1 or 2 Program, you can earn your ACC or PCC credential up to 10-14+ weeks sooner.

Save When You Bundle Your Coach Certification Courses

Another benefit of The Academies’ coaching programs is that these bundled packages save you money on a la carte purchases of individual courses, mentoring, and performance evaluation. For instance, our Level 1 Program (two foundational courses, mentor coaching, and performance evaluation) saves you $850 on tuition. Our Level 2 Program (four courses, mentor coaching, and performance evaluation) saves up to $2,500! Further, you save up to $300 on their ACC ICF application fee or up to $375 on their PCC ICF application fee. These savings add up quickly, making it easier and more affordable to either launch your new career as a coach or go deeper with your coaching certification journey.

A Brain-Friendly Approach to Our Instruction

Finally, we believe that learning should be both fun and sustainable, which is why we use a brain-friendly approach to our instruction through “P.R.” or Positivity and Routinization. After all, your brain needs both of these to learn and retain information!

This brain-friendly approach includes: 

  • Structuring courses over multiple months for consistent education and mastery of concepts.
  • Modeling and prioritizing psychological safety in the virtual classroom to empower participants’ self-confidence and engagement.
  • Creating “safe stretch” opportunities so participants can hone their coaching skills to build lasting muscle memory.

Connection is a core value for us! We invite you to get to know The Academies instructors so you can learn a little more about us prior to taking your course.

We’re Here to Support You in Your Coaching Journey 

At The Academies, we’re truly passionate about “changing minds, for good,” through our brain-friendly coaching programs. We have carefully and thoughtfully crafted our courses, programs, curriculum, and instruction with you in mind. If you’re ready to start or continue your coaching journey, we would be honored to partner with you on the road ahead. Contact us or schedule a call now to explore your options!