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Career Services Coaching Courses at The Academies

To support university career services professionals in using a coach-approach so they can. . .

  • be free from the pressure to have all the answers and empower students to take ownership of their careers
  • help students pursue career goals that are in sync with their strengths, passions, purpose, and values
  • respond to student’s hesitations and mindset derailers
  • have neuroscience-based tools to support curiosity, collaboration, and connection in students

    Benefits of the Coach-Approach

    In a context of increasing complexity and change, university career services professionals are faced with many challenges in supporting students’ career development and setting students up for success.

    A coaching approach is particularly effective for university students, young professionals, and transitioning professionals because it promotes self-discovery, develops essential skills, fosters long-term thinking, and provides valuable support during crucial stages of career development. Coaching focuses on empowering the individual, through personalized support that incorporates the individual’s unique strengths, background, and perspective.

    A coaching approach will empower your students to lead themselves in:

    • Career exploration and decision-making

    • Resume and interview preparation

    • Networking and job search strategies

    • Skill development and career readiness

    • Overcoming barriers and managing setbacks
    • Transitioning from education to employment
    • Making informed decisions, building resilience, and navigating their career paths with confidence

    Course Offerings

    At The Academies, we provide several options for Career Services Centers to choose from and help you decide what is the best option for your goals. Take a look at our full certification offerings as well as our introductory course and contact coaching@theacademies.com with any questions or when you are ready to register!

    Certified Career Management Coach

    If you have just one or two (or four!) employees you’d like to enroll in an ICF-approved course for certification, your employees can enroll in our Certified Career Management Coach Course.  While focused around general career content, participants will receive examples geared toward working with students and will have the opportunity to bring up coaching scenarios with students in class discussions.

    ICF Accreditation: This 33.5-hour course of Core Competency Training is approved by the International Coach Federation (ICF) as a part of The Academies’ Level 1 and Level 2 Programs, and includes 4 group mentor coaching sessions. This course results in a Certification from The Academies.  

    Pricing: $3,897 per participant.

    Career Coaching Fundamentals

    If you’re hoping to introduce your team or members of your team to the fundamentals of coaching, this is a great place to start with our Career Coaching Fundamentals Course.  It will provide participants with the most crucial information for adding the coach-approach to their career services role. This course introduces the International Coaching Federation’s Core Coaching Competencies and results in a Certificate of Completion from The Academies. 

    ICF Accreditation: This 15-hour ICF-approved course introduces the International Coaching Federation’s Core Coaching Competencies and results in a Certificate of Completion from The Academies. 

    Pricing: $1,897 per participant. 

    Private Cohorts

    Both the Certified Career Management Certification and the Career Coaching Fundamentals Course can be run as private cohorts. This option requires 6 or more participants from your organization. Our private cohorts establish common language among team members and provide an excellent team-building experience that makes this option unique.

    Additionally, The Academies is committed to ensuring the private cohort experience is highly relevant to your team. To support this relevance, we provide pre-, mid-, and post-course checkpoints as well as a flexible classroom experience to align the learning experience around the goals and needs of your team. 

    If you have fewer than 6 participants, you may be able to partner with another organization or department to meet the minimum participant requirement.

    Here are just a few of the Universities with Academies-trained Certified Career Coaches on staff:

    … and more!

    Coaching with a Neuroscience Focus

    why the academies

    Neuroscience: We’ve been training coaches for 20+ years, and we’ve spent the better part of our last 10 years gobbling up the latest research on neuroscience. Translating neuroscience findings into easy-to-implement coaching techniques is our passion. When you marry coaching techniques with mind-body biology, you’ll have a holistic approach that supports the people you coach to make lasting change (they’ll thank you for it)!

    Mission: We’re on a mission to blend neuroscience and coaching to “Change Minds, For Good” (starting with our own)! We believe respectful relationships and authentic conversations are the incubator for insight, action, and lasting change. We believe that every brain is wired for growth and capable of choosing well. We stand for growing our individual and collective capacity to feel good, think good, encounter good, and create good. If this resonates with you, you’re in the right place.

    More on the brain: Our coaching programs are intentionally structured to extend over several months’ time. That’s because new skills cannot be mastered in a weekend format (have you ever come back to your office after being at a great conference, only to forget half of what you’ve learned or be too busy to implement the other half?) Nor can coaching be mastered entirely by embarking on self-directed study or reading books (much the same as taking a course on music appreciation does not equip one to play Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata).

    To learn effectively, the brain needs good “P.R.”—Positivity and Routinization:

    • We make learning enjoyable (you’ll remember more),
    • We pride ourselves on creating psychologically safe learning environments (you’ll feel confident to take more risks), and
    • We create opportunities to practice coaching over time (you’ll build “muscle memory” that lasts).

    Ready to Change Minds, For Good?

    We’re ready to welcome you to The Academies! Click below to use our contact form or set up an appointment to chat about your options.