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The Academies is pleased to introduce you to an alumni of several Academies’ courses, Sandy Demarest. Sandy completed the Certified Career Management Coach (CCMC), Certified Executive and Leadership Development Coach (CELDC), Certified Strengths Coach Certification, and Resistance Coaching Courses in order to qualify for her PCC. Continue reading to learn more about Sandy’s coaching journey and her experience with The Academies!

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Tell Us About Your Experience With The Academies Coaching Program

As I prepared to start my coaching business in 2009, I took my first coaching certification class, Certified Career Management Coach (CCMC). This course prepared me as I stepped out on my own with the foundation, practice, and confidence to coach those in career transition. Though I was nervous I especially appreciated buddy coaching in class and outside of class. Also, I was wondering if I was really cut out to be off on my own and my classmate said, “You have everything you need and will do what you have been doing but under your own roof and not an organization.” 

This has resonated with me for the last 13 years as my coaching business has evolved and grown! I continued with the CCMC refresher class, Job Search Strategist, Certified Executive Leadership and Development Coach program (CELDC), Certified Strengths Coach Certification (my favorite), and Resistance Coaching. I can’t seem to get enough and grow as a coach with each Academies program.

How Has Coaching Influenced You?

As I have experienced and honed my coaching skills, I see the true value of it. I think we can all benefit from coaching, especially at pivotal points in our life and career development. By understanding what is most important to each of us along with the gifts of asking strong coaching questions, listening, pausing, and reflecting, we can have a powerful impact on others. Often a new client is not sure what coaching is, but is very grateful to learn to be curious and self-reflective; to understand their values and purpose; and then connect the dots between each leading them to a new role, organization, business, and/or a more meaningful life!

How Does Neuroscience Influence Your Coaching Style?

I have learned so much from The Academies and brain-based coaching. We can redirect our brain, incorporate mindset, and have greater self-awareness to minimize the pathways that may block our potential to form fresh and productive ones to override it. We can create new habits to move from being stuck or blocked (Red Zone) to a place of possibilities, positivity, creative thought, and ideation (Blue Zone). I bring all of this into my coaching as most clients are stuck, have self-limiting beliefs, are stressed, etc. I have seen the beauty as one shifts from a place of being stuck to being open to possibilities and in a mindset of growth and discovery.

Can You Share Any Memorable Coaching Moments and/or Wins?

When one client was going to leave her company because she didn’t feel valued and was passed over for many promotions. Through our coaching partnership, she created success stories, identified her strengths, and how they impact her experiences. Most of all, she found her voice and confidence. She had three promotions over five years and was elated. 

For many, finding clarity and discovering their purpose, moving to new career places, and shifting to entrepreneurial work has been my gift with strong coaching skills honed over the last decade.

At a recent What’s Next Retreat that I created and hosted, women made progress on mindset, making decisions to leave their current job, getting clear on their purpose and values to bring to a new chapter, and saw the light to finding more meaning as they pivot to retirement — or rewirement — I term I prefer.

Would You Recommend Our Coaching Programs to Others?

I would and I have. I think Susan has a true gift to inspire us as coaches and help us to thrive in each of our coaching experiences. And her team has brought unique perspectives that impacted my coaching and so many resources, and practice time!

I have heard of so many coaching programs, and for me, I never looked anywhere else. The Academies truly is the best and the class time, action steps/articles, reflection, and buddy coaching cemented all that I learned in class. So engaging and supportive!

Do You Have a Quote You’d Like to Share From Someone You’ve Coached?

“Sandy helped me dial into my goals as I planned to return to work. She helped me prioritize what was most important to me: finding work that would benefit and engage my community. I am grateful to her not only for asking the tough questions but also for providing accountability to initiate the process.” – Liz Larson

“Do you think that you don’t need a coach? Think again! Sandy Demarest has changed my life! I have spent the last 8 years trying to find a new professional direction. I read countless books and attended career change seminars, yet nothing seemed like a good fit. I felt hopelessly boxed into my current career and could not find a different job utilizing my skills and experience. I could only see myself professionally doing what I had learned in college 30 years ago.

I decided to contact Sandy after reading about her in the newspaper. Sandy skillfully guided me through the process of getting to know my true self again, [to] clarify my values and interests and then define my skills. She coached me to become curious again! Thanks to Sandy, I am enthusiastically embarking on a new second career that never would have come up on my radar while doing my own research. Do It! You will not regret working with Sandy as your coach.” – Claire Timbas

Thank You For Sharing Your Coaching Journey, Sandy!

Sandy, we appreciate you sharing your story with us and your passion for coaching others! We’re excited to hear more about the continued positive impact you’re having on your clients and we wish you all the best in your endeavors.

You can connect with Sandy on her coaching website or on LinkedIn, and if you are an Academies alumni and wish to share your story, please feel free to reach out to rebecca@theacademies.com and we’ll walk you through the process.

If you’re interested in learning more about our coaching programs, be sure to explore our upcoming courses and register to secure your spot. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!