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Welcome to The Academies Coaching Instructor Spotlight series! Are you interested in learning how to hone your coaching skills or use them to take charge of your career and make a positive impact on the world? Meet Stacy Duhon, PCC, one of our esteemed instructors with The Academies. As an ICF-certified coach and instructor for The Academies, Stacy continues to expand her knowledge and skills in coaching, and she’s passionate about empowering others to do the same.

Equipped with extensive training, practical experience, and innovative brain-based techniques, she brings an invaluable and inspiring perspective for leaders in organizations, university career service professionals, new coaches just starting on their path, as well as experienced coaches who are already on their journey. Join us as we delve into Stacy’s coaching journey, her approach to coaching, and the impact she continues to make on others.

Academies Coaching Instructor, Stacy Duhon, PCC

What Got Stacy Into Coaching

I was working in the Biotech industry as a Senior Manager in clinical research — supporting our organization to bring new drugs to market from the data and statistics lens. I really enjoyed what I was doing, had my Master’s in this field, was good at it, and expected to have a long and successful career in this industry.

Now, my hobby at the time was self-development as I loved learning about myself and human beings in general. This is where I was first introduced to the world of coaching. I was participating in a leadership program for a global training organization back in 2000. I had the opportunity to ‘coach’ the next cohort of leaders who were going through the program and I absolutely fell in LOVE — in love with the opportunity to engage with and support another human on their journey to achieve what was next for them.

I continued volunteering at this organization and ‘coach’ while continuing my career in Biotech. But after seven years of ignoring the whisper that I should leave my current career and become a coach, I finally listened, took the leap, and have never looked back.

Stacy’s Coaching Education

Once I could no longer ignore the whisper, I began my coaching education. I enrolled in a Master’s Program in Applied Behavioral Science with an emphasis on Leadership and Organizational Development. It was in this program that I was introduced to various modalities like facilitation, consulting, training, coaching, mediation, etc.

Once I completed this Master’s Program, I knew I wanted to deepen my learning in coaching and become certified. My path to ICF-PCC certification was through a rigorous coach training program — Accomplishment Coaching. I then continued as a mentor coach with them for a few years to further my coaching knowledge. The time with Accomplishment Coaching provided me with a solid foundation and informed who I am as a coach.

I continue to grow as a coach through my facilitation at The Academies. The adage that you learn most about a topic when you are teaching it is most definitely true in this situation. The instructing role I have here keeps me at the top of my coaching game.

Stacy’s Experience With, and Her Approach to, Coaching

I have been coaching professionally for 15 years. In my private practice, I focus mainly on professional women who are ready to listen to their whispers within. Whether my clients seek to find their purpose, move in the direction of their passion, switch careers, go for a promotion, have more work/life balance, or simply want to feel more confident and comfortable in their own skin, working with me, they will gain the clarity they desire, the direction and guidance they want, the accountability they need, and the encouragement that will have them take inspired action.

In addition to my private practice and partnering with The Academies, I also have the privilege of coaching MBAs at the University of Washington’s Foster School of Business. I support MBA emerging leaders in gaining clarity on their career goals, assessing opportunities and organizations that are right for them, and preparing them to bring their best selves to market. I support them in leadership development in Emotional Intelligence, Resilience, and Executive Presence.

I have experience in corporate work in the device/biotech industries at both large companies and mid-size organizations. This experience includes data, project, and people management, both as an individual contributor and as a department head. In these activities, I have worked with diverse personalities, domestic and global, as well as all levels of employees.

All the above experiences along with all the self-development work I have done, enable me to powerfully but compassionately support leaders in moving forward in areas of life that are important to them. I believe in coaching by leading — I will not ask clients to do anything I am not willing to do myself. My coaching style is clear and direct, but it is also balanced by my Cajun charm provided by my Southwest Louisiana upbringing. I can dance effortlessly between softness, warmth, and power, guiding my clients with a firm but gentle hand.

A Little More About Stacy

My love for engaging with and inspiring human beings is as strong as my love for project management and data. For years, I used my problem-solving and leadership skills to support biotech companies to bring their products to market. I have used my heart-based skills as a coach and facilitator to support countless clients in bringing their best selves to market and to their life. I enjoy roles where I get to blend my love of program/project management and coaching.

With that, what can you learn about me from my own accomplishments? Those accomplishments being I have two Master’s, am ICF-certified, and recently completed the ICF PCC marker training. I am also a certified mentor coach and an instructor for The Academies. I share these to give you a sense of my passion for my own continual growth as well as my commitment to empowering and inspiring others to learn and grow so they can be successful in their careers and life.

Lastly, my vision for my life gives you an idea about who I am for people: My vision is a world where every single person, at their core, knows that they matter, knows that they bring a uniqueness to the world that no one else can, is clear they have a story to tell, and is inspired by who they are. I am passionate about bringing the leader out in everyone.

It’s an Honor to Have You at The Academies, Stacy!

Stacy, we’re grateful to have you as an instructor and colleague as we continue our shared mission at The Academies to change minds, for good. You are a true inspiration and bright light! Learn more about Stacy by visiting her website and reading her bio, and be sure to connect with her on LinkedIn.

Tune in next time to meet more of our amazing coaching instructors. If you’re interested in starting or continuing your own coaching journey, explore our coaching courses to discover if The Academies is the right fit for you! We invite you to schedule a no-pressure call with our team to explore your questions and curiosities.