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The Academies is pleased to introduce you to an alumnus of one of our neuroscience-based leadership coach courses, Cassie Leonard. Cassie completed the Certified Executive and Leadership Development Coach (CELDC) course and is currently participating in the Certified Leadership Engagement & Impact Coach (CLEIC) course as part of the Level 1 ACC Leadership Pathways program. Read on to learn more about her coaching journey and her experience with The Academies!

Academies Leadership Coach Alumni, Cassie Leonard

Tell Us About Your Experience With The Academies Leadership Coaching Program

I am a leadership coach with 16 years of aerospace engineering and leadership experience. As part of my transition to coaching, I have completed CELDC and am halfway through CLEIC at The Academies. I am on the Level 1 Pathway pursuing my ACC certification, focusing on supporting leaders and working parents as they seek balance amidst their many roles and responsibilities.

The Academies has been an incredibly positive learning experience for me. The smaller class size has allowed me to connect with many of my fellow students both in and out of the virtual classroom. I have also partnered with extra buddy coaches, which is a great way to observe and learn from different coaching styles.

How Does Neuroscience Influence Your Coaching Style?

As an engineer, I love how The Academies incorporates neuroscience with coaching. I’m fascinated by how the brain releases dopamine when it makes a new connection, and how adrenaline blocks our ability to create positive solutions. In my own coaching, I enjoy partnering with my clients to guide them to their own solutions — they know more about what they want than I ever could. When they have that “lightbulb moment,” they get that great dopamine chemical release to lock in their own learning. It is far more valuable and long-lasting than if I provided advice without context.

Can You Share Any Memorable Coaching Moments and/or Wins?

My first experience having my own formal coach was eye opening. I have had wonderful managers and mentors throughout my career who have supported and guided me. The coaching format was different though. It created space for me to ponder my own questions and to own my decisions. It felt very freeing. When I coach, I love when a client says, “That’s a great question,” and then sits quietly pondering. It’s a gift to have time to pause and ponder; it feels awesome to offer that to others.

Would You Recommend Our Coaching Certification Programs to Others?

I recommend The Academies programs to anyone interested in learning more about coaching, either as a career change or to build skill for leadership in their chosen career. Their clear pathway to ACC qualification drew me in. The comprehensive and well-organized content, paired with brilliant facilitators and peer students, keeps me excited to continue.

Thank You For Sharing Your Coaching Journey, Cassie!

Cassie, we appreciate you sharing your story with us and your passion for coaching others really shines through! We look forward to hearing more about your ongoing experiences and successes in the future and we wish you all the best in your endeavors. 

At The Academies, connection is one of our core values. If you’d like to connect with Cassie directly, she is the founder of ELMM Coaching, where you can catch up with her and learn more about her coaching practice. You can also connect with her on LinkedIn!

With that, take a peek at our upcoming coaching certification courses to start or continue your own coaching journey! If you’re pursuing your ACC or PCC certification, or plan to in the future, be sure to explore our ICF-approved Level 1 and Level 2 Coaching Programs. Along with bundling your courses to streamline your pathway, you can also enjoy big savings on registration.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or schedule a call to explore your curiosities!