The Academies is pleased to introduce you to an alumni of one of our neuroscience-based leadership coaching courses, Lepaine Sharp-McHenry. Lepaine completed the Certified Executive & Leadership Development Coach (CELDC) Course. Please keep reading to learn more about her coaching journey and her experience with The Academies!

Leadership coaching course alumni, Lepaine Sharp-McHenry

Tell Us About Your Experience With The Academies Coaching Program

My experience with The Academies has been supportive. They have responded promptly to my requests, provided information as requested, and delivered what was promised.

Additionally, real-time feedback in the classes is so important. And creating psychological safety is critical and was done very well in my class. 

Also, it’s important to consider others when engaging in the group. I was offended by the language used in the group, but I realized that others have learned different ways to express their frustration that does not align with my approach or values. This challenged me to learn how best to handle this without alienating others while maintaining a presence that could help them learn new ways of expressing themselves if they are open to this!

How Has Leadership Coaching Influenced You?

Although I had been coaching informally, this class increased my self-awareness, reinforced my approach to coaching, and helped me to understand the need for different approaches at different times to best meet my client where they are!

How Does Neuroscience Influence Your Coaching Style?

Neuroscience really has caused me to consider how I think, my preferences, and its impact on how I engage others. Additionally, neuroscience-based coaching has influenced how I help my clients think about changing their future behavior.

Can You Share Any Memorable Coaching Moments and/or Wins?

When participating in team coaching demonstrations, hearing real-time feedback from my peers was so valuable and built my confidence.

Would You Recommend Our Coaching Programs to Others?


Do You Have a Quote You’d Like to Share From Someone You’ve Coached?

“I’ve never had someone be so direct with me to challenge my thinking and I still felt safe and supported to respond honestly.” 

I believe this is what coaching is all about. To help create a safe environment to create self-awareness for your client that facilitates growth!

Thank You For Sharing Your Coaching Journey, Lepaine!

Lepaine, we appreciate you sharing your story with us and your passion for coaching others! We look forward to hearing more about your journey and your ongoing successes in the future, and we wish you all the best in your endeavors. If you’d like to talk leadership coaching with Lepaine, connect with her on LinkedIn.

Are you an Academies alumni who’d like to share your story? Please feel free to reach out to and we’ll walk you through the process. And if you’re you interested in leveraging our brain-friendly coach certification program to elevate your professional and personal development, explore our upcoming courses! We hope to see you there!