The Academies is pleased to introduce you to an alumni of our ICF-approved, neuroscience-based Level 1 Program, Patricia Gonzalez. Patricia completed the Certified Executive & Leadership Development Coach (CELDC) course and The Academies Certified Strengths Coach (ACSC) course in pursuit of her ACC. Read on to learn more about Patricia’s leadership coaching journey and experience with us!

Patricia Gonzalez, The Academies Leadership Coaching Alumni

Tell Us About Your Experience With The Academies’ Leadership Coaching Program

I found The Academies after a thorough review of multiple coaching organizations. I started searching for schools when I returned home from a vacation with my daughter. She was turning 30 and we celebrated her birthday in Europe. It was during this downtime that I really connected with what I wanted. I felt a strong pull towards coaching, as I had spent my corporate career working as an internal coach and creating leadership development programs.

After an employment displacement, finding myself “fun employed,” I focused my efforts on my education. It felt right for me to add education to my work experience. It felt even better when I found The Academies. I searched their curriculum and found it aligned with what I already know worked, namely coaching to what is strong — not what is wrong.

How Has Coaching Influenced You?

Coaching has influenced how I lead. As a sales leader, I became a coach-based leader, who drove the business through effective coaching conversations. It wasn’t about increasing the tally number of the widget, but improving how the task/activity was performed. As a result, I developed talent and became known as a leader who helps others to be their best.

Leadership Coaching Alumni, Patricia Gonzalez

How Does Neuroscience Influence Your Coaching Style?

Understanding our brain, how it works, and the connections to brain-based coaching make me a more informed coach. I believe my understanding of the neuroscience behind coaching is the foundation for my acceptance that every client is creative, resourceful, and whole.

Can You Share Any Memorable Coaching Moments and/or Wins?

My first peer coaching session, with Vince Abramo, was a memorable moment. I remember that I had taken notes in class and felt prepared. I stayed in coach mode and applied what I learned in class. I could feel the ease and flow of conversation. After the session, both Vince and I remarked, “Wow, this really works!”

Would You Recommend Our Coaching Certification Programs to Others?

Without a doubt!

Do You Have a Quote You’d Like to Share From Someone You’ve Coached?

I have a client — we will call her Sandy. She is an executive for a global firm, who has had executive coaching throughout her career. After our first coaching session, she remarked, “Your style is different than what I have had in the past. I feel your prompts are more introspective and we keep the conversation to the main thing.” That comment validated my education choice — to come to The Academies.

Patricia, Thank You For Sharing Your Coaching Journey!

Patricia, this is a fascinating journey and we appreciate you sharing your incredible story with us, and for sharing your passion for coaching others! We can’t wait to hear more about your ongoing successes in the future and we wish you all the best in your endeavors. Keep up the amazing work you’re doing!

You can connect with Patricia on LinkedIn, and if you are an Academies alumni and wish to share your story, please feel free to reach out to and we’ll walk you through the process.

With that, take a peek at our upcoming coaching certification courses to start or continue your own coaching journey! If you’re pursuing your ACC or PCC certification, or plan to in the future, be sure to explore our ICF-approved Level 1 and Level 2 Coaching Programs. Along with bundling your courses, you can also enjoy awesome savings on your tuition. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or schedule a call to explore your curiosities!