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The Academies is excited to introduce you to a coaching alumni of one of our neuroscience-based coaching education courses, Jennifer Hampson. Jennifer completed the Certified MBA Career Coach (MBA) course. Please keep reading to learn more about her coaching journey and experience with The Academies!

Jennifer Hampson, alumni of The Academies career coach certification course.

Tell Us About Your Experience With The Academies Coaching Program

I definitely credit The Academies for helping me take my coaching to the next level. I was nervous going into it as I hadn’t ever done any formal coaching training, but after the first few sessions, I got comfortable with my peers and my trainer, Edward. The structure that The Academies provided was initially daunting, but, ultimately, helped me get more from the experience — the standard meetings and daily prompts/tasks helped keep the content top of mind. Learning how to move from a more tactical “consultant” approach to more of an emotional “coach” role was really pivotal for me and I don’t think I would have done that without The Academies.

How Has Coaching Influenced You?

The coaching I received from the Academies really influenced my stance on the goal of coaching and what success looks like. Coaching and feedback helped me to identify my strengths and areas of growth as a coach, and, ultimately, allowed me to give my clients more accountability and for them to take ownership of their path forward.

How Does Neuroscience Influence Your Coaching Style?

The neuroscience principles that we learned through training have helped me to better identify what might be affecting students and how to better structure my responses to move students forward. Even small things such as language and phrasing can make a big impact on clients, so being able to identify what state my clients are in and take steps to shift that mindset is something I use in my day-to-day.

Can You Share Any Memorable Coaching Moments and/or Wins?

I think all of my big wins came from the role-play sessions. Being able to receive specific, positive feedback from my trainer was invaluable. Often in coaching, it is 1:1 and I had never had anyone really observe me coach before. Hearing that feedback really boosted my confidence and helped reassure my strengths as a coach. When role-playing coaching sessions we would often come up with common issues or questions from our own clients, but in one session I was able to use a personal career concern and have one of my peers coach me. Not only was it helpful for me, but I could tell that that session had more of an impact on my peers because the answers were honest and real. Both of those sessions stand out to me as big wins.

Would You Recommend Our Coaching Programs to Others?

Yes, I would. The content, and the way the coaching courses are set up, are both excellent, but more importantly, everyone at The Academies really cares about you and your success as a coach.

Do You Have a Quote You’d Like to Share From Someone You’ve Coached?

“Jennifer has had a huge impact on my career search and personal development. While working with Jennifer over the past four months, she has been there to support me every step of the way in my career search, whether it’s been through building a distinctive brand on LinkedIn, interview prepping, or relationship building. Jennifer’s thoughtful and insightful feedback during my interview process was pivotal in the recruitment process, and led to landing my dream job in corporate strategy. What I really admire about Jennifer is her enthusiasm in cheering me on from start to finish during my interview process and continuously checking in with me for updates. I would definitely recommend Jennifer to anyone interested in advancing their career and exploring new career paths.”

Thank You For Sharing Your Coaching Story, Jennifer!

Jennifer, we truly appreciate you sharing your journey with us and for sharing your passion for coaching with others! We can’t wait to hear about your ongoing successes in the future and we wish you all the best in your endeavors.

You can connect with Jennifer on LinkedIn, and if you are an Academies alumni interested in sharing your story, please feel free to reach out to rebecca@theacademies.com and we’ll walk you through the process. With that, be sure to check out our upcoming coaching courses to help elevate your professional development and/or career to the next level!