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Leadership coaching, career coaching, and coaching, in general, are rapidly growing fields in high demand. As the business landscape continuously changes, organizations are increasingly recognizing the value of investing in leadership coaching, as a recent Forbes article highlights, to develop and retain top talent. Earning your leadership coaching certification can help you position yourself as a trusted professional and open up new career opportunities — and The Academies is here to help you do just that with some of the best coaching certification programs available.

But before we dive into some of our most popular coaching courses and programs, let’s explore some of the benefits of earning your coaching certification.

Benefits of Earning a Coaching Certification

Whether you’re just dipping your toes into coaching, or you’re adding additional tools to your coaching toolbox, there are multiple benefits of earning a coaching certification in leadership coaching, career coaching, strengths-based coaching, and more. The list of benefits is extensive, so here are several of our top picks!

Earning your coaching certification can:

  • Advance your career, while allowing you to do meaningful and impactful work
  • Grow your expertise and increase your credibility
  • Help you fulfill personal, professional, and life goals
  • Expand your professional network with like-minded colleagues 
  • Deepen your understanding of how neuroscience influences behavior
  • Give you the insights and tools to help others achieve their goals
  • Deepen your confidence in navigating challenging client scenarios
  • Strengthen your ability to support positive changes in organizational culture and systems
  • Help you be a part of the trend of organizations asking managers to use a coach-approach
  • Give you flexible and financially rewarding career opportunities at any stage of life

Advantages of Choosing The Academies’ Coach Training Programs

There are many coach certification programs available, and we’re proud to be counted among a number of the top organizations that believe with heart, mind, and soul in the benefits of professional coaching. Each of the leading organizations has its benefits. A few of The Academies’ differentiators include our coaching curriculum rooted in neuroscience and a cadre of world-class instructors. 

More than 10 years ago, we pioneered a brain-friendly approach to coaching, and created the popular Red Zone | Blue Zone model. Our faculty help coaches-in-training understand the differences between what happens in the brain-body when a client’s brain is Red Zone reactive vs Blue Zone calm and alert.

We also use a brain-friendly approach to our instruction, and do this by:

  • Focusing on “P.R.” or Positivity and Routinization — your brain needs both to learn!
  • Extending our courses over several months for optimal learning and mastery of core concepts and competencies.
  • Making learning fun — the brain needs happy neurochemicals to learn well and quickly!
  • Modeling and prioritizing psychological safety in the virtual classroom to boost confidence and engagement among trainees.
  • Creating “safe-stretch” opportunities to practice coaching to build lasting muscle memory.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to our brain-friendly coach training. We’re passionate about neuroscience (in case you couldn’t tell) and could talk about it at length! In the meantime, learn more about our neuroscience-based coaching approach and connect with us to start a conversation!

If any of the above is resonating with you and you’d like to explore further, consider some of the best coaching certification programs we offer!

Testimonial from CELDC coaching certification program student

The Academies’ Leadership Coach Certification Course

Our most popular foundational course for leaders in organizations is the Certified Executive and Leadership Development Course (CELDC). This course excels at giving leaders the foundational skills that they need to begin implementing coaching in their organization right away. Whether you’re a first-time manager working with direct reports, or in the C-Suite trying to shape the culture and direction of your organization, this ICF-approved leadership coach certification course is for you. Learn more about CELDC and register for an upcoming course to secure your seat!

The Academies’ Career Coach Certification Course

The Certified Career Management Course (CCMC) is perfect for individuals who are wanting to support clients through career transitions. Whether you’re an HR or organizational development professional who wants to ensure your people feel like they have a pathway for growth within the organization, or you’re an independent entrepreneur working with clients who are making a career change from one organization or industry to another, then The Academies’ career coach certification course is for you. Explore the CCMC course offerings and enroll in an upcoming course!

Testimonial from CCMC coaching certification program student
The Academies' Level 1 Coaching Certification Program

The Academies’ ICF-Approved Level 1 Coaching Program

Our Level 1 Program is designed to help you earn your International Coaching Federation (ICF) Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential. This is the easiest and fastest way to earn an ICF credential. You would choose one of our three different pathways:

Take a peek below to learn a little more about each pathway!

Level 1 Leadership Pathway

If you are on your way to an ICF credential, and you are a leader in an organization or work with leaders in organizations, our Level 1 Leadership Pathway is going to set you up for success with everything you need for that credential. Additionally, our program guarantees you will have every coaching skill you need to be successful in an organization.

Level 1 Career Pathway

This course is designed for coaches who are specifically working with clients in career transition. Whether you’re helping to create career paths within an organization, or helping individuals transition between jobs or industries, this pathway is for you!

Level 1 Foundations Pathway

This pathway is perfect for individuals who want to diversify the type of coach training that they’re experiencing. The Foundations Pathway gives coaches experience in both leadership coaching and career coaching.

Regardless of which pathway you choose, you will complete the required training and mentoring hours needed to qualify for your ACC, plus earn two respected certifications from The Academies within your chosen pathway. You can then take your Level 1 certificate and client-coaching hours to the ICF to submit for your ACC credential (the final step then is to take the ICF’s multiple choice exam, which is required of anyone submitting for an ICF credential). Visit our website to learn more about The Academies’ Level 1 Program and find out how to register.

The Academies’ ICF-Approved Level 2 Coaching Program

The Level 2 Program at The Academies is for the serious coach who knows that they’re in it for the long haul. If you are wanting to work towards either your ACC or your PCC credential with the ICF, this is the right program for you! You will cover a wide variety of coaching tools and client scenarios to practice with. In addition to training in the core coaching competencies and the latest neuroscience research, you’ll have the opportunity to practice with a variety of client scenarios — everything spanning from strengths coaching and career/transition challenges, to the nuances of coaching leaders and executives who deal with complex team dynamics, organizational cultures, and business systems.

The Academies' Level 2 Coaching Certification Program

Once you complete the training and mentoring requirements at The Academies, we issue you a Level 2 certificate, which the ICF recognizes for both an ACC or PCC application. You can then submit this certificate to the ICF, verify your client-coaching hours, and take the multiple-choice exam, which is the final step in the process. Visit our website to explore The Academies’ Level 2 Program, and find out how to get started today!

Elevate Your Coaching Skills With The Academies

Coaching can be an incredibly rewarding career, not just professionally, but also personally — deepening your understanding of yourself, tapping your strengths and values, and “changing minds, for good.” 

At The Academies, we’re passionate about spotting the wisdom within you, and building on that to help you grow new neural connections that will be empowering and rewarding, both for you and the people you coach. Connect with us to explore your curiosities, concerns, and questions!