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Our theme for the month is CONNECTION. Especially as many are still experiencing shelter-in-place conditions, or navigating the after-shocks of the pandemic and societal shifts.

Like many of you, I sit alone in my home office many hours each day. Despite the Zoom calls and classes, I notice that loneliness can creep in.

I find myself wanting to ask so many of you: “How are YOU … really?”

  • What are you going through, and how are you holding up?
  • What challenges are you facing and how do you feel about them?
  • Who is there, or not, to face the challenges with you?
  • Who is standing nearby, offering hope and calm to help carry on?


The Lorenz “butterfly effect” suggests that small changes can have large effects.

We can trust that small CONNECTION points can have large impacts.

  • Connection is energy: Expansive, reverberating, comfortable, warm, creative.
  • Disconnection is also energy: Contracted, separating, uncomfortable, cold, reactive.

It takes a bit of energy to initiate a reach out–whether it be a text, a phone call, a social media connection, etc. And yet, once I do, I notice the energy usually returns in exponential order.

To all of you who so intentionally and faithfully create CONNECTION with the people you live, work, and play with: THANK YOU.

You are adding expansive, reverberating, comfortable, warm, and creative energy to the world. It makes a difference.

I can feel it.

Can you?