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Nature always teaches.

Observe it and find the next lesson to learn.

This picture of Horseshoe Bend speaks to what wants to happen.

That’s how the bend was formed. Water flowing its natural path.

There’s a bend in our country right now, as the conversation on racism grows and flows.

Where does the river want to go?

What wants to happen?

To find the path of least resistance, first, be aware of the resistance.

In this situation, resistance to me, as a white person, can look like “I’m not responsible” or “The problem is so big and I’m only one person” or “I don’t have the time or energy or money to take action.”

Resistance to “what wants to happen” drains me, you, all of us, of energy.

Flow toward “what wants to happen” creates energy. I see flow in the demonstrations. I hear it in the black voices: “I’m exhausted at this”…”you’re lucky we just want equality and not revenge”…”the system is built on faulty ground.”

What wants to happen?

Justice, dignity, equality, acknowledgement, restoration, opportunity, and change come to mind.

With love, healing, hope, and action…