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Uncertainty. We all face it—both the people you coach and you, personally.

We catch a glimpse of a dream. We set a goal. We lay out strategies and action steps.

And yet somewhere along the way, concerns arise, such as:

* How will I ever get there?
* How do I get around this roadblock?
* Will I have enough (money, help, cooperation, resources, ideas, customers)?

Uncertainty Is Certain

Uncertainty can send us into a tailspin…straight into the Red Zone of fight-flight-freeze-appease. That’s when all the doubts and second-guessing slip in, stalling us or throwing us off course.

Enter Strengths

Strengths are ever-present for us. Built into our DNA. Threaded in our neural networks. Strengths are rock-solid, supportive, strategic, and self-sustaining.

Strengths never leave us. Strengths never fail us. Never. You cannot escape your strengths.

Apply Strengths Now

Consider any challenge in front of you right now. Absent the frame of strengths, challenges can look intimidating and overwhelming.

However, when framed by strengths, challenges are more easily faced … they look like an invitation to rise to the occasion.

Speak out your biggest challenge. Perhaps it involves meeting a revenue goal. Then, pull out each of your top strengths, one at a time, and lean into the strength that makes the most sense for your goal.

Or, take your top five strengths and describe how each one might support you. For example:

* Learner: I will study how successful businesses have packaged and priced their services.
* Includer: I will reach out to a few key colleagues for their ideas, collaboration, and accountability.
* Activator: I will get going now—I’ll pick up the phone and reach out to these three people by the end of the day.
* Input: I will review some of the business development training materials I’ve collected over the years.
* Adaptability: I keep my antenna up around new opportunities that are emerging, adjust my strategies, and follow-through accordingly.

Strengths Are Appreciative, Not Depreciative

Strengths cause the brain to focus on what it HAS, not on what it doesn’t have. Strengths cause us to operate within the Blue Zone—calm, confident, connected, creative.

Strengths are the common-factor certainty in the midst of any uncertainty. Enjoy being strengths-strong today!


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