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Trust is everything.

Without trust in a relationship, your client will withdraw. And with withdrawal comes withholding. And when withholding, the client hides.

Hiding is a defense mechanism that every one of us uses—to protect ourselves from being betrayed, or embarrassed, or judged, or rejected.

And when hiding happens, we block the client’s ability to be vulnerable, we disinvite honesty, and we squash authenticity. And the client cannot learn, nor grow, nor progress.

So how do we grow trust?

What if it started with our own beliefs as coaches? Our beliefs reflect our behavior—the words we use, the actions we take.

What if our beliefs displayed to the client these assumptions… 

  • I believe you are, and always have been, doing the best you can—given your role models, your hurts, your restedness/nutrition, your humanity.
  • I believe you are capable of making choices that will allow you to evolve.
  • I believe you are creative, resourceful, and whole (hat tip to CoActive Coaching).
  • I believe that Life is on your side, mysteriously recycling and redeeming every “mis-step” as part of the beautiful tapestry of your life.
  • I believe that for every fear, there is abundant provision for the need—the ideas, the energy, the people, the resources, the patience—everything…and that we’ll work together to discover that provision.

Do you believe these for yourself? For your clients?