We recently had April Fools and it sparked my thinking about how our brains can play tricks on us.

One headline I read two days after April 1st was something about Vail Resorts banning the sale of alcohol at all of its 19 properties. My first reaction was, “Really! Hmm. I guess I could see why they might do that—I suppose it would make skiing safer.” I’m embarrassed to say it took me a minute or two to recognize that it was an April Fools headline. But pretty clever nonetheless.

Why would my brain fall for that?

  • It was supposedly a news headline, but at second glance the news header said “Unofficial Networks.”
  • I could see a good reason for it, meaning there was a possible safety factor behind it.
  • I was skimming my phone, so not thoroughly paying attention.

But, my brain believed it, at least for a minute … cuz I found a good reason for it.

So what if we could coax our brains to believe something if even for a minute, that might help get us where we want to go in our career, life, or leadership?

If you were to write a news headline about YOURSELF that COULD possibly be true,

For example,

  • Local leadership coach interviewed by Forbes, sharing secrets for equity and inclusion.
  • Coach Jane Doe puts a fresh spin on retirement, launching new Second Half Career Coaching.
  • Coaching guru sees clients land huge raises in their leadership trajectory.
  • Motivational speaker Jax Dokes draws a crowd of 500 for secrets to getting unstuck.
  • The business school career coaching team sees 100% placement for students just six weeks from graduation.

So go for it! Write your own headline. And give yourself a good reason why it could be true. See what happens!