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Although we may not realize it, we’re often in full-fledged fight-flight mode through much of December. We amp up the cortisol and adrenaline to get EVERYTHING done — the decorating, the shopping, the baking, the visiting, the eating, the family traditions, and more.

And then, the post-holiday letdown hits.

Post-Holiday Letdown: A Signal to Rebalance?

Part of that letdown feeling is your brain signaling you that it’s time to rebalance. All the extra cortisol and adrenaline that was in our system and needed to get everything done has come at a cost to the rest of the body.

When we’re pushing hard to do more, our brain short-changes other systems in the body, like our immune system, digestive system, or reproductive system. So it’s no surprise that we need a little more sleep and better nutrition if we’ve pushed hard through the holidays.

Neuroscientist Lisa Feldman Barrett in her book, 7½ Lessons About the Brain, shares that the brain’s main function is for budgeting our body’s resources. If we’re tired, our brain is going to be operating behind the scenes to make sure we rest more. Sometimes we end up coming down with a cold when we’re tired, perhaps it’s our brain working in the background to make sure we CAN rest more!

My Post-Holiday Wish for You

My post-holiday hope is that we all find ways to catch our breath this week. I can guarantee that will make our brains quite happy, so that we’re not running on fumes as we head into the new year. 

And once we’re rebalanced, our brains will be much more on board to go for new goals and learn new things as we enter the New Year! Happy New Year!

If your goals for the new year include making your brain happy by learning something new, check out The Academies’ upcoming coaching courses! Please do not hesitate to contact us to request additional information about our coaching certification programs!